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Type: Democratic.

Constitutional update : October 17, 1995. First Constitution- February 21st of 1921

Branches: Executive-president with State Chancellery. Legislative-unicameral parliament: 232 members. Judicial-supreme court, prosecutor general and local courts, constitutional court.

Subdivisions: 63 districts, including those within the two autonomous republics (Abkhazia and Ajaria ) .

Political parties: Citizens Union of Georgia, National Democratic Party, United Republican Party, Georgian Popular Front, Georgian Social Democratic Party, All Georgia Revival Union, Greens Party, Agrarian Party, Georgia Socialist Party and others.

Suffrage: Universal over 18.

Area: 70,000 sq km;

Cities: Capital - Tbilisi (pop 1.5 million 1996)

Terrain: Mostly rugged and mountainous

Climate: Generally moderate; mild on the Black Sea coast
with cold winters in the mountains.

About Georgia
Religion: Georgian Orthodox 70%, Muslim 10%, Russian Orthodox 7%, Armenian Apostolic 7%, 6%-other.

Language: Georgian (official), Abkhaz also official language in Abkhazia

Education: Years compulsory- 12 (starts from year 2000). Literacy- 99%.

Nationality: Noun and adjective-Georgian(s).

Population: 5.5 million.

Population growth rate: -1.02%

Ethnic groups: Georgian 77.1%, Armenian 7.1%, Russian 4.5%, Azerbaijan 5.5%, Ossetian 2%, Abkhaz 1%, other 2.8%.

Natural resources: citrus fruits, tea, wine; nonferrous metals; textiles; chemicals; fuel re-exports.

Industry: steel, aircraft, machine tools, foundry equipment, (automobiles, trucks and tractors,) tower cranes, electric welding equipment, machinery for food packing; electric motors, textiles, shoes, chemicals, wood products, bottled water and wine.

Flag Of Georgia